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"I have been going here for years, once I found this Doc and staff I would never go anywhere else!"

Sarah J.       9/29/17 


"As always a good appointment!"

Kathy V. V.       9/28/17

"Dr. Schofield and staff are friendly, bubbly and professional. They made me feel comfortable and provided excellent service. My cleaning + exam were thorough and any concerns were explained clearly."

Beka S.   9/20/17 

"Always great! Informative staff, helpful!"
Carolyn W.          9/07/17 

"It's embarrassing to say but it had been 18 year since my my last dental visit. I was traumatized by previous dentists. Dr. Ryon and staff are wonderful and took such good care of me and were so patient (I turn into a 2 year old). I am no longer terrified to go to the dentist. I would and have referred other to check out my wonderful dentist and staff."
Sandra L.        9/07/17 
"This was my second visit to Schofield Dental and I continue to be impressed with the quality of their services. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
Marcie K.          9/06/17 
"Dr. Schofield is knowledgeable, has always been ready by my appointment time, immaculate facilities, he and all the staff are friendly and helpful. He was willing and able to answer all my questions. I would and do recommend him to others."
David M.        8/08/17 

"Very friendly, helpful, and answered all my questions..Looking forward to my next visit..."

LouElla H.      7/18/17

"I found Dr. Schofield through a dental referral service. I had seen several dentists in the small town where we live, however, none would consider extracting my molar. Dr. Schofield was very straight-forward with me and gave me confidence that he was well-equipped to do the job. Because I had some negative experiences in the past with dentists, I was a little worried but, Dr. Schofield was terrific. He dealt with my fears and I felt comfortable having him do my procedure. I liked him so much, I made another appointment for further dental work."

Ginger W.    7/02/17

"We have been using Schofield Dentist (referred to by close friends) for 3 years, my whole family. Cannot recall a single bad experience. In a word, I trust them. And it is an entire team approach, from office staff to dental assistants to the doc himself. 'nuff said - we are loyal customers." -- Dr. C.T. Sorensson, Hayden.
C. S.     6/29/17

"I just got home from my appointment with Dr. Schofield. What really mattered to me was that he stayed with me the entire time he was working on my teeth. He wasn't trying to see two or three other patient's at the same time. It made me feel special and important. He and his assistant was very perceptive in what my needs were as far as being comfortable in the chair, etc. I am thrilled to have finally found a dentist that truly is a perfectionist in how he repaired my teeth and made sure I was totally satisfied. Recommending him to others is not a problem!"
Nancy M. M.       6/22/17 

"Love going to Dr. Schofield. The office staff is super friendly, everyone is always on time and thorough. I will highly recommend him anytime. It helps that I'm on a good home regiment and I've not had to have work done, that makes every visit a pleasure."
Loretta W.       6/21/17

"I had a cavity filled today for the first time in some time. Dr Schofield expertly numbed me with the least amount of pain (when injecting the numbing agent) that I've ever had. He worked quickly and efficiently and I was very comfortable throughout the whole process!"
Kristina P.         7/31/17  


"This place was such a great experience for me. The staff and Dr Schofield made my first trip to the dentist in many of years a blessing. I have severe dental phobia and I felt such at ease with the service I received. I Highly recommend this place...from the friendly staff and Doctor Schofield to the clean and professional atmosphere!!"

Rhianon C.       7/24/17 

It was our son's first visit to an adult dentist. He said he had no complaints and the Dr. was very kind and gentle. It was nice to hear he was taken care of in such a manner that our son doesn't mind the switch.
Kris L.        6/28/17 
"Dr and staff are always very professional, friendly and awesome at their jobs!"
Carol N.        6/28/17

"We had our 6 month cleaning and checkup.Like always the experience was great, no waiting, no pain! We will be back Dec.21,thanks" 
Werner & Loretta W.         6/21/17  


"We love going to the dentist! Even my smallest children get excited to visit. Every staff member knows us and our needs and has built a great relationship. Our most recent visit was a filling for our 3- year old. Dr. Schofield and his team went out of their way to make her comfortable. I could not recommend them more!" 
Elizabeth B.        7/21/17
"Dr. Schofield took care of all my problems immediately. He answered all my questions and concerns I had going into this procedure since I have a rare autoimmune disease. I just moved up here not too long ago, and he will be my new dentist. I trust him completely !!"

Lance L.     5/04/17


 "Very friendly staff, excellent care, very clean. Would recommend!!!!"

Shirley O.    5/10/17


"I arrived early and got right in. The Dr did the cleaning himself. Excellent care! Staff is friendly and they remember you every time!!"
 Marie E.     5/16/17

"A pleasant experience as always!!"
Dean W.  4/24/17 
"Fast & efficient - Very satisfied"
Kathy V.  4/18/17 
"As always great place. Dr Ryan is top notch."
Karen W.  4/12/17 
"I went in for my routine cleaning appointment. The staff are always professional, efficient, and friendly. The office is constantly being cleaned and sterilized."
David A.  4/05/17 

"The doc is one of the best I have ever gone to, I would highly recommend him"
Jack B.  3/14/17 
"As always friendly staff. Dr Schofield is exceptional. Enjoy going to see him."
Karen W.  2/23/17  
"Dr Schofield was very personable and professional. All of his employees that I came into contact with were the same. Highly recommend this service."
Tom C.  2/22/17 
"Dr Schofield, Ben, Lisa and the crew there are outstanding; kind folks who really do care. They really do make a trip to the dentist seem pretty easy."
Eddie W.  2/22/17 
"Good staff, good work, good environment. Very helpful and informative."
Robert & Brenda M.  2/15/17 
"As always, the office staff and Dr. Schofield are professional and friendly. They make a trip to the dentist an enjoyable experience. They are great with kids, too!"
Jim P.   1/31/17


"My experience was very good. The office was very well kept. The staff was really friendly and Dr Schofield was very nice and professional. I was very impressed and will tell others to go there!"
Terry M.  1/05/17 
"The Dr. Gave me a honest opinion, even thou he had to refer me outside his office I will return."
Todd T.  1/03/17 


"Very grateful to the Schofield team for getting me in the same day when I called to help take care of the pain of a bad tooth 5 days before Christmas. Thanks so much for the great work done with very little pain during process."
Calvin S.  12/21/16 


"After avoiding this procedure for 1 1/2 years, I was very pleasantly surprised to "sail through" deep cleaning (planing and scaling for gum disease). Between the awesome hygienist and the use of nitrous oxide, topical anesthetic, and my headphones, I was able to bypass the novocaine. This hygienist was very thorough, patient, understanding, and accommodating throughout my extended visit. I highly recommend Dr. Schofield and his entire staff...they really care about you and your comfort and doing all they can to take the fear, apprehension, and discomfort out of dental appointments. I agree with other reviewers about their prompt and personal attention, no matter how many questions you have. Great job!!!"

Robin D.   12/17/16


"Dr. Schofield and his staff are great people. I always receive a warm welcome and actually look forward to going! They alway take me promptly and answer all my questions. Would highly recommend this dentist!"
Mary B.B.   12/14/16
"As someone who avoids going to the dentist I found this to be a very pleasant experience. Dr. Schofield was very caring and patient, did an excellent job fixing a chipped tooth, and gently informed me of other issues needing attention. His staff was friendly, helpful, accommodating, and went out of their way to offer reassurance for my anxiety. From the helpful tips on the phone while making my appointment through the end of the procedure, they were wonderful and attentive and made me feel so much better about the whole dental experience itself. I highly recommend their dental services and superb personal treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schofield to friends and family."
Robin D.   12/06/16

"Dr. Schofield is so caring, considerate and gentle. He takes great care of my family and I. His staff are equally kind and you can tell they all have your best interest in mind. I have recommended his office to several other people because I know they will get great care here!"
D.W.  11/17/16


"We've been going to Dr. Schofield for over 12 years. He is wonderful, his staff is wonderful and parking is wonderful."
Cindy P.   11/03/16 

"Dr. Schofield is always friendly, professional and very calm in nature. Just had my teeth cleaned by Benjamin and he was terrific. The receptionist is sweet and always courteous too. I'm sorry I forgot her name. I highly recommend dental care at this office."
Anne J.   10/06/16

"Ryon (Dr. Schofield) is very attentive and down-to-earth. His concern for you and your dental needs makes you feel you're more than a patient. Ben, his dental hygienist, is absolutely awesome! The front office personnel are professional and always friendly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schofield to anyone."

James K.  10/06/16


"I made a mistake and came two days early and they still got me in! I didn't realize obviously but they graciously got us in."
Laura B.  10/27/16 


"Ryon and his staff do a great job and making you feel comfortable and always have great conversations while in the chair. They do a great job and are very quick with the work that needs done."

Aaron B. 10/13/16 

"Not only is Dr. Schofield a very good dentist, he takes time to visit with his patients. He even gave me tips on where to hunt in this area! He tells me what dental needs I have and suggests treatments, but he doesn't pressure me. (I'm older and on a limited budget, so I appreciate that he gives me various options.) Dr. Schofield's staff is very professional but also extremely nice."
Pete S.   9/21/16 

"Dr. Schofield a very competent dentist. He has met all my needs and more. Very gracious and conservative. Oral hygienist is through and gentle. Highly recommend."
Cherry J.   9/15/16 

"It was a slice of heaven. Quick appointment schedule, on time service, professional & friendly, expert performance and reasonable rate. Doesn't get any better."
Chuck B.   9/1/16 


"Went in at 1:00 PM, walked out at 1:50 PM Minus two teeth that needed to be removed. My previous dentist wanted $610.00 to do the same thing Doctor Schofield did for $300.00. Plus Doctor Schofield was great as well as all the staff I met. Total professional in every way. And this all happened on my first visit. Very glad I found him."
Herb S.   8/9/16

"No one's a fan of going to the dentist but the team at Schofield Dentistry makes it much more bearable. From Kendra, the helpful receptioist, to Ben.,the skillful, gentle dental hygenist, & of course Dr. Schofield, the dentist, I was put at ease and treated with the utmost respect. They got me in right away and treated me like family. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends."


Jan H.   8/3/16

"Just went in for my six month cleaning and exam. Everyone in Dr. Schofield's office is professional, nice and so friendly I actually look forward to my visits"
Dale P.   8/3/16 

"Great people & cleaning - Fast & painless!"
Kathy V.   6/6/16 

"I had two cavities taken care of today. The procedure was as comfortable as possible. Also, Dr. Schofield continues to add equipment that benefits the patient."
David A. 6/15/16 


"I scheduled periodontal treatment and, admittedly, neglected to request a tooth extraction during the appt. Guess I was a bit chicken right up 'til I arrived. Dr. Schofield accommodated my need to have the terribly loose/unsupported tooth removed. Recognizing my anxiety, his calm and understanding demeanor assured me that I was in good hands. Along with his assistant, Samantha, both proved very polite and professional with their constant monitoring of my well-being throughout the treatment. It wasn't hurried and there was time for breaks. I'm glad I trusted them and gratefully this day after my appt., I have very little discomfort and my teeth are so much easier to clean and floss, PLUS my toothache is gone (with the bad tooth :-) Oh, and just as importantly, there's wonderful Kendra who is most expert at taking care of my insurance and scheduling needs, of which I am most appreciative. It is my good fortune to have been recommended to Dr. Schofield's dental office, and so I recommend the same to you."
Tracey E.   6/14/16 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Schofield's for a number of years now. Everyone in the office is professional, knowledgeable, and polite."
David A.   6/13/16 


"Dr. Scholfield always makes it a positive experience. Would recommend him to everyone."
Eric S.   6/9/16  


"I love the Dr and Lisa , the entire staff. I suffer from anxiety but they make me feel like I am just sitting at home listening to there weekend , which lowers my anxiety a lot. The office is sparkling clean and homey. So glad that I randomly pick this office. There the best. If you dread going to the dentist or suffer from anxiety this is defiantly the place for you."
Marcie R.  6/6/16 


"It was fun"
Jordan F.   6/1/16 

"Always wonderful!!!!"

Glenn N.  5/24/16

"Everything went well, even Kathy survived."
Bob O.   4/13/16 

"I greatly appreciated the ability to be seen on short notice."
Brett F.   4/4/16 

"New to the area, I chose this through the Internet and location. I have been very pleased with everything about this dental practice. They made me feel like family. Very friendly and knowledgeable."
Linda R.   3/23/16 

"Excellent staff with care and concern from the doctor to receptionist. The dr. Was very honest regarding the concern I had for coming There."
Linda R.   3/10/16 


"As always, our family feels at home in this office! Wonderful folks and wonderful care!!"

Kristina P.   3/2/16 


"As always, good time"
David G.   2/24/16 

"I loved my visit this morning to Dr. Schofield's office! I was impressed by his dental hygenist, Ben. He was very informative and not only told me information but had a way of teaching it that I really wanted to listen. He also made me laugh which was a perfect way to start a dentist appointment."

Joette T.   2/18/16 

"As always, my experience at Dr. Schofields office was outstanding. Everyone there is super nice and Dr. Schofield is one of the kindest and gentlest dentists I've ever seen. Thanks!"
Eddie W. 2/9/16 


"As always a great experience...friendly and efficient.."
Karen W.  

"Due to logistics, I recently left my dentist of almost 20 years to go to Dr. Schoenfield whose practice is much closer to where I live. Today I went in for my first exam and cleaning at his office and was extremely impressed with both the entire staff and the services provided. Dr. Schoenfield will be my dentist for life!"

Dale P.   1/27/16 


"Dr. Schofield is always a pleasant guy. He has a new technician who is very thorough and quite good. I had an infection and they worked together to get it taken care of right away. Scheduling is always easy, too. And the follow up reminders and phone calls are a nice touch. They are also wonderful with kids!"

Jim P.  1/6/16 


 "Dr. Schofield and staff are the only dental office I have actually looked forward to going to! Highly recommend."

Doug T.   12/29/15


"We are very fortunate to have Dr Schofield as our family dentist. He and his staff provide high quality dental care in a relaxed environment. Always a positive experience."

Lori-Ann T.  12/29/15


"I appreciate everyone there! I love the genuine concern they have for preventative maintenance on your teeth. I believe they truly care about their customers! I have always had pleasant experiences with them."

Tanya S. 12/16/15 

"The equipment is top rate and the staff is very nice. The Hygienist was helpful in that he told me every step of the process and was very entertaining besides. I've always had a wonderful experience at this office. And I'm very happy to have the dental plan that was offered. Thank you."

Cindy P.  10/07/15


"I can't say that I enjoy having to go to the dentist but the friendly and compassionate staff combined with the expertise of Dr. Schofield makes it a pleasant experience."

Arnie L.   10/05/15


"Everyone is professional and friendly......they make you feel as if they are glad you are there. Thank you!"

Carol N.    10/01/15


"I was on vacation so this office was recommended. They fit me in and took care of my immediate issues."

Donna M.    9/10/15


"Very conservative. Friendly staff. Enjoyed our visit."

Eva E.    8/21/15


"Great job, and honest"


"I came in today for work on a crown. I was in and out in less than half the time I had expected. The office staff is fantastic, and I really enjoy going there."

 JIm P.    7/15/15


"Always fast and friendly service..."

Karen W.     7/14/15


"Dr. Schofield is a competent, compassionate dentist. He is easy to get in to see, and he runs an office that is comfortable, welcoming and relaxing; you never feel like you're just a "number" at Dr. Schofield's office."

Valerie P.    7/08/15


"Having wisdom teeth can never be easy, so I won't say I would willingly go back to do it again, but Dr. Schofield was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire procedure, making it much easier to handle. He asked how I was doing often to ensure I wasn't uncomfortable, let me take a break in the middle of the procedure and was very thorough with me on what to expect and do following the procedure."

Amanda L.    7/02/15


"This was our daughter's first visit to the dentist. The staff was very welcoming and the dentist was extremely helpful in making her first experience a positive one."

Jim P.   7/01/15


"Cleaning was great. Tech who polished teeth forgot to floss but this was not a big deal. Overall a very nice experience. Staff was polite friendly and professional"

Carolyn W.    7/01/15


"Wonderful experience. No waiting time"

A.M.   5/28/15


"I've recently moved to Idaho from Santa Cruz, CA, where I lived since 1969. I've had the same person as my dentist for 40+ years and having to find a new dentist was probably my greatest concern when moving. I needed work done very soon after move because I lost part of a crown and veneer from a front tooth. After asking anyone I came in contact with ( waiters, techs, doctors,etc) for a recommendation for someone who had actually worked on their mouth, I finally got referral for Dr Schofield from my pharmacist at Medicine Man, Tim, who told me he'd been going to Dr Schofield since he moved to CDA about 10 years ago and he was very confident that I would feel comfortable with Dr Schofield. Now I can report after getting Novacaine (sp?) for first time by Dr Schofield so that the remaining piece of crown that broke could be removed using a drill, that..............I didn't feel pain from the needle or the drill. i'm one happy camper who's going to be coming back for more!"

Mary G.   5/08/15


"The overall environment in the office is very relaxed and the staff is so pleasant and attentive!"

Jennifer S.     4/29/15


"I was impressed by the Doctor, the office staff and the dental hygienist. All were above any previous experience I have had with a Dental office."

Micheal N.     4/22/15


"Everyone was very friendly and so good with my son. Thank you all for your great service!"

Kelly M.    4/10/15


"Very caring and provide real assessment of any possible issues in a way that is easy to understand."

Jordan F.    4/06/15


"Fantastic dental office! The hygienist who cleaned my teeth, Ben, was very good at his job. My teeth have never been cleaner and he explained what he was doing differently than what I've experienced at other dentist to achieve the superior result."

 Rebecca B.    3/18/15


"All went very well and I would give a five star rating but then again you might have big egos and not think you'd have to work harder. Ben did a great job, very masterful in his function. Also, kudos for being very technical and explaining all to me.... I'm an engineer and like to know all the details. Plus, you were open a bit before 1pm, which made me smile as my first visit, almost left when I realized you had locked the door for lunch! New to CDA, I felt I made a good choice in dentists... now, waiting for a good price on that forthcoming implant and crown!"

Pete C.     3/18/15




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As always a good appointment!
As always a good appointment!
As always a good appointment!
As always a good appointment!
As always a good appointment!

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