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As the medical industry takes charge in today's economy the need for Dental Assistants is becoming more needed than ever before! Dental assistants are valued members of the oral health workforce team, performing both clinical and administrative duties under the supervision of a dentist. Not only do they directly assist the dentist with oral examinations and dental procedures, dental assistants perform a number of independent tasks including preparing patients for treatment, arranging and sterilizing instruments, and educating patients about general and post-operative oral health care.

A letter from our instructor

To state it simply, the ATS setting at Schofield Dental is special. I appreciate that the ATS structure and curriculum allow individuals who are unavailable during many of the weekdays to continue with professional education. I see tremendous value in the relatively short time required to complete the program and quickly proceed to gaining full hands-on experience. Not only is the program comparatively inexpensive but the potentially lost income associated with an all week and/or longer program is simply not an issue with ATS.

While the above elements are certainly of high value there is one element unique to our program that I believe stands even beyond these other qualities. The ATS program through Dr. Schofield’s office generally involves a small class size with a particularly friendly atmosphere. This allows us to ensure the environment is conducive to a very positive overall experience and that classes are as productive as possible. Discussion can go well beyond what is possible in typical settings for similar courses. Camaraderie truly lives in these classes and despite the quick passing of the class time these friendships among students generally drive mutual learning and enjoyment that can be hard to find in the majority of classroom settings. The environment is relaxed and genuinely friendly whilst recognizing professional attitudes and practice. The natural result is a highly productive learning environment. We do not need to force learning and thereby decrease the quality of it when we are enjoying what we do and embrace the process of it.

Again, the ATS program stands well on its own merits. I believe however, that the ATS program as it is applied through Dr. Schofield’s office goes many measures beyond the standard to provide an experience that focuses on individual success and satisfaction in a way that I have rarely heard of or seen in any program anywhere else.

- Ben Gardner, RDH, ATS Instructor

What students think!

I'm a stay at home mom with two little kids so taking the leap to go through ATS was a big one. I can gladly tell you, it was one of best decisions I have ever made. The way the class is taught is genius. Not only is Ben an incredible and patient teacher, he gives you all the tools to succeed and is with you every step of the way. The book it written so straight forward and isn't meant to confuse you. You walk into class and are given readings for the week, come back & review it for awhile, then do hands on activities so you learn tangibly as well.
For every test, I was more than prepared even though I had no idea what to expect. Before the class was even over I already had a job lined up! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone interested in dental assisting. You won't regret it!

- Tessa Gullett, ATS graduate Summer 2016

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